You want to find a new job, but do you know yet how difficult they
are to find, and how tough the competition is? Do you know how
the employment industry
really works? And do you know why
your resume might be immediately placed onto the TNT
("Thanks, but no thanks") pile?

If you're looking for a new job and find it's more of a challenge
than you anticipated, then it's time to step up to your A-game
by gaining some knowledge and creating an effective strategy.

I'm a senior-level employment recruiter, and I created this
website to share the knowledge and experience gained from
my years of recruiti
ng and coaching candidates. You'll find
lots of free articles and helpful tools here that I
hope will prove
invaluable in your job search, and I also offer a couple services:  

    Custom professional resume    
    Private Coaching Workshop (via phone)     

Feel free to relax and spend time here to learn all about the       
employment industry
, and visit often to see what handy new tools and        
articles have been added. And be sure to sign up for my
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