Boolean Operators
Get more targeted results in your online searches

Boolean operators are incredibly helpful when you're conducting searches online. So what
do they do? They provide a way to better communicate to the search engines just what it is
you’re looking for. By conducting a more targeted search, you'll get less results because
you'll eliminate many that are less relevant. They also allow you to combine multiple search
terms into one. Really, you don't have to use them, but they
will help you achieve more
accurate, targeted and efficient results.

So where can you use Boolean Operators? Most search engines and job boards recognize
them, and I can tell you not a single day goes by that I don't use Boolean! If you're willing to
learn this simple bit of technology, you'll find incorporating them into your searches will not
only make your searches more effective, but they'll save you time as well. Boolean operators
are valuable not only for job searches, but for everyday searches of all types!

To learn about Boolean operators and to see examples, click

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