Job Boards: CareerBuilder and Monster
An important aspect of your job search!

Generally speaking there are three functions of a job board:

  1. Companies with job openings can post ads there so job-seekers can find them
  2. Job-seekers can post their resumes there so recruiters can find them
  3. The job board collects the resumes and allows companies to search through them
Many job boards will provide all three services, while some
specialize in either one or two. A few job boards may
charge the job-seekers to post their resume, but the vast
majority don't. A few will allow employers to search through
their resume database for free, but most charge fees, and
some are very high.

When a recruiter is given a new job to recruit for, she will
usually first check in her own resume database, but if she
don't find what she's looking for she’ll typically turn to a job
board and look for resumes there. and are the two largest sites when it comes
to job boards, and you should
absolutely post your resume
to them both immediately--and they're free!

Here are their websites:
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