Ending the Interview

At the end of an interview, don’t be afraid to tell the recruiter you’re interested in the job, if in
fact you are, and to ask what the next steps are. The recruiter may be very positive and give
an explanation of the process, or he may be short in his response. This vagueness could be
from one of two reasons: either you’ve been eliminated from consideration, or there may be a
lack of understanding as to what your accomplishments are, and how you can successfully fill
this role. You can ask if there’s anything else they would like to know about you, but if you’ve
been eliminated, there will probably be no further questions from the recruiter.

Here’s one last note that bears mentioning: If you sincerely are interested in the job for which
you’re interviewing, there should be a sparkle in the eye and a sense of excitement; if you
have a total lack of enthusiasm, it’ll show, and it won’t create a positive image of you. On the
other hand, a phony act will be more than obvious so don't be fake, but don’t be afraid to let
your sincere personality and enthusiasm show through.
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