Job Seekers with Little or No Experience
This can be a very difficult situation to handle

Having little or no work experience to share on a resume can be a challenge, for sure, and
there are many people who find themselves in this category, such as those entering the
workforce for the first time, parents whose kids are now in school, or having taken time to tend
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to a sick family member. If this describes you,
then your goal should be to build a resume that
would make you a valuable asset for an
employer. For example, skills may include typing,
great attention to detail, good manual dexterity,
or excellence with numbers, and characteristics
may include dependability, punctuality, high work
ethics, strong team player, leadership abilities,
confidence, professional demeanor, etc. Build
your resume around these attributes, and even
tailor it to a specific job that you’re applying for.
Be sure to include any work experience that you
do have, and if you have an education beyond
high school, be sure to build on those academic
achievements. You can also build on internships,
part-time work, odd jobs, volunteering, or other
life experiences you’ve gained--and don’t sell
yourself short! Share the characteristics that
were required to be successful in those
positions, such as initiative, teamwork, or
excellent people skills.
First-Time Job Seekers
As a first-time job seeker, it would be helpful for you to first determine what type of job you’re
interested in. Determine what the necessary skills are for that type of job, and if it’s a match
for you, then build on those skills
when you craft your resume.
There wouldn’t be much value in
including information about your
accomplishments in high school
unless they were outstanding,
such as a great GPA, or that you
took courses that directly relate
to what you’re applying for. And
be sure to include accomplish-
ments outside of school, as well
as any internships you may have
had, or any volunteer positions
you held.
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