Make Your Resume Sizzle with Action Words!

In addition to adding searchable keywords to your resume to help get your resume in front   
of a recruiter, you should also use action words, which can help impress a recruiter once  
they’re actually reading your resume. When used properly, action words can make the differ-
ence between an average resume and a strong one!

An example of incorporating action keywords into your resume would be this: as a Payroll
Clerk you created a way to more efficiently share weekly payroll statistics with the people that
need to know this information. Instead of stating a responsibility that you had ('sent weekly
payroll information to others'), turn it into an action phrase (‘created and implemented a new
process of sharing payroll statistics with need-to-know personnel’). By including action key-
words, you can best show recruiters your ingenuity, and willingness to put forth efforts that
are in the company’s best interest.

There’s a famous principle in marketing: ‘Sell the sizzle, not the steak!’

Here are more examples.
Your resume is your marketing piece, and it should be
designed to
sell you. Make sure it shines!

I've created a list, albeit lengthy, of some great action
words that you can incorporate into your resume. Click
here to download this list, and use it as you create
your resume.
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