Overview of Your Job Search Strategies

It used to be that you could just open up the local newspaper to the ‘Help Wanted' section to
find jobs. With today's speed of business, however, that just doesn't work anymore. Today,
you must have an effective strategy developed if you intend to be successful in finding new
opportunities out there--even in this very tough economy; it’s just that now you must be more
deliberate in your strategy and efforts to not only make sure you don’t miss the opportunities,
but also that once you find the job openings, you're more effective in applying for them. By
following the tips I offer, you can accomplish both.

If you take away just one principle from this series of articles, let it be this: looking for a new
job is usually not at the top of one’s list of favorite activities; in fact, to many, it may be just
plain overwhelming and painful. But regardless of how unpleasant of a task it may seem, it’s
necessary. This guide should eliminate the mystery from the process, provide you with a
clear direction, and hopefully remove the overwhelming feeling you may encounter. Follow
the strategic path I lay out for you to tremendously increase your odds of being successfully
hired. That being said, you need to stay strong in your effort, and keep your nose to the
grindstone. Allow yourself a few minutes now and then to walk away and have a cup of
coffee, but then get right back to your efforts. Don’t allow yourself to get sidelined with TV or
other distractions, then try to rationalize your lack of effort. You just can’t sit on the sidelines
and wait for employers to call you; instead, you must aggressively follow your strategy to find
a job, adopt a hunter’s state of mind, and differentiate yourself from your competition. And
never forget that the amount of effort you exert to find a new job will be directly related to the
number of opportunities you uncover. It’s the sincere and consistent effort that will pay off for
you in the end.

If you’re currently unemployed and need a job, then searching for a new job
is your job now,
period; you should literally devote 40 hours or more each week to finding a new job until
you’re successfully hired. If you’re currently employed but want or need to make a change,
then how much you want that change will be directly related to how much effort you put into
your job search.

You can’t simply apply for a job, then sit back and wait for the phone to ring. If that’s your
philosophy--and your level of effort--then you’ll be beat out every time by other candidates
that are willing to put in the effort necessary to be successful in their search. Here’s the
bottom line: the key to successfully finding a new job is to put in a sincere, solid effort, and to
have a strategy.

The Strategies
Have you ever heard of a ‘three-legged stool’? If just one leg is missing, the stool doesn’t
work. I've created a three-part strategy for finding jobs, and just as with a three-legged stool,
if you omit just one of the three aspects, you’ll reduce tremendously the number of oppor-
tunities you’ll find for employment, and your opportunities for success. I’ve devoted an article
to each of the three strategies, and you'll find them on the Free Tools and Articles page.
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