Personal Information on Your Resume

In this day and age, people are willing to sue for any and all reasons, so naturally companies
must be extra careful when working with applicants to ensure they're not selected or declined
based on any reason that could be viewed as discriminatory, even in the least. Don’t make
companies nervous by sharing personal information in your resume or during an interview
that’s not directly related to the job.

The following should
never be included in your resume:
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Marital status
  • Number of children
  • Religious affiliation
  • Health conditions that would not interfere with you effectively doing the job
  • Race
  • Sexual preference
  • Photo
  • Details of your personal life
  • Hobbies, unless they’re specifically related to the job for which you’re applying

Knowing that I don’t discriminate, I actually have an appreciation for a candidate that can
have a friendly conversation in which they may open up with a little information about their
personal life--such as what their spouse does for a living or how many kids they have--but be
aware that some recruiters may frown upon you sharing your personal information too freely.

Note: There are a few positions for which a person can legitimately be expected to provide
personal information and/or a photo, such as a modeling job.
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