Rules for Working with Recruiters

As the saying goes, ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression.’ You must  
be very diligent in presenting your resume--and ultimately yourself--in a very positive light
with the goal of reaching the interview stage. With your positive attitude, efforts and pro-
fessionalism, let recruiters see why they should present you as a candidate to their hiring
managers--and remember that a recruiter’s relationship with the hiring managers is
more important than any one candidate. Be respectful of the recruiter and follow these
guidelines, regardless of the type of recruiter you're working with.

  • Never go behind his back to contact a hiring manager or client that you learned about
    from the recruiter. The recruiter has established a relationship with the hiring manager,
    who would tell the recruiter about your shenanigans--and they’ll both look at you as
    someone not worthy of trust.
  • If your recruiter decides not to move forward with you, be respectful of that decision.
    If, however, the recruiter does decide to move forward with you, follow his suggestions
    throughout the entire interviewing process. Also, when he requests you to have
    contact with the hiring manager, contact the recruiter promptly after each and every
    interaction you have so you can share how it went.
  • A recruiter will typically check his database of candidates when he's given a new job
    opening to fill. If your background doesn’t match a particular job today, having your
    resume in his database--and making a good impression with him--means he can
    consider you for jobs tomorrow.
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