Job vs. Career
There’s a huge difference between a job and a career, the most important of which is that a
career is where you can find your passion, whereas a job is where you go every day out of
necessity. Important distinction. Having said that, some people are looking for a career, while
many others are looking for a job; in either case, using the term ‘job’ throughout this website
is a simple matter of convenience, but recognize that there’s a very important difference.

Looking for a Job vs. Hunting for a Job
Yes, it’s a matter of semantics, but more importantly, it’s also a state of mind. Looking for a
job is, well, quite passive, while hunting for a job is just that: proactively hunting for job
opportunities. Shaking the bushes, turning over stones, actively hunting for jobs. Making
yourself a strong and desirable candidate, and making recruiters aware of you. It’s refusing
to sit on the sidelines, just hoping something comes by. The more successful people are
those who have adopted a hunter’s state of mind.

Many people believe that when they apply for a job, they’ll be dealing with someone in the
Human Resources (HR) department. While that’s true, you'll probably be dealing with a very
specialized person in the HR department, the recruiter. A recruiter specializes in nothing but
locating and interviewing qualified candidates for job openings, while other people within the
HR department handle payroll, benefits, relocation, etc. A recruiter will probably be your
primary contact while you’re in the job application and interview process; the recruiter is also
the first person you must impress before you're able to continue in the recruiting process.

Applicant vs. Candidate
An applicant is someone that has applied for a job, whereas a candidate is someone who has
advanced in the recruiting process, and is actually being considered for a job. Obviously one
of your goals is to present yourself better than your competitors, and to be elevated to that of
a candidate.
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