Strategy 1: Posting Your Resume Online

Strategy One is quite simply to put your resume online so recruiters can find you. Once
posted, your resume will be out there, advertising your talents 24/7 so you can turn your
attention and efforts to the other two strategies.

There are a number of important places where you should definitely post your resume.

Job Boards
A job board is a website that has three basic functions:
  1. Companies with job openings can post their advertisements on this type of website so
    job seekers can search there and find them
  2. Job seekers can post their resumes on this site so recruiters and hiring managers can
    search there and find them
  3. Job boards collect and store resumes in a database, then allow employers to search
    through them

When a recruiter has a job to fill, they may check their own database of resumes first, but if
they come up dry they’ll typically turn to those job boards to look through their collections of
resumes. In most cases job boards charge employers to post jobs or access their resumes,
but most job boards invite job-seekers to post their resumes and search for new jobs for free.

First and foremost, you should absolutely post your resume on these sites:
  •   (ranked #593 of all websites worldwide)
  •   (ranked #431 of all websites worldwide)
  •   (for technical positions)

Because they’re such powerful sites, recruiters use them extensively to search for applicants;
obviously, then, it’s critical that you post your resume there so you can be found. If you’ve
already created a strong resume, then
right now is the time to post it to the job boards.

FaceBook, MySpace and Twitter are certainly
well-known and important networking sites, but
LinkedIn is the best site for professionals. Not
only is it ranked a whopping #14 of all websites
in the world right now, but it’s also a fantastic place for recruiters to look for candidates.
LinkedIn offers higher level accounts for a fee, but you can simply use their free account to
create a professional profile, which is searchable by recruiters.
Would you like me to create a
custom professional resume for
you? Click
here to learn more.
You can copy and paste information directly from your resume to create a
profile, so it can be quite easy. LinkedIn will ask you for what reasons
people will be allowed to contact you; be sure to say you’re interested in
employment opportunities. Also, one of my pet peeves is a profile that
doesn't include contact information, and in particular, email address and
phone number!
Make sure you include it in several very easy-to-see
locations within your profile so it's quite easy for recruiters to find! After
all, you
do want recruiters to contact you, right? By the way, be sure to
read my article specifically about LinkedIn to learn why it's not as easy as
you may think for recruiters to contact you.
This site sometimes gets bad copy, but really, it’s a great site; in fact, it’s
currently ranked as #45 of all websites worldwide, so it’s very powerful!
Use it to post your resume, and employers can search for it there. In
most cities it's free for employers to post jobs, so it's becoming an
increasingly important resource for recruiters, and it can be a very
important tool for applicants! Check them out at
Professional Associations
If you’re looking for a generic type of job such as administrative assistant, then you can
disregard this section. If you’re in a specialized field, however, then professional associations
are for you. Check association websites related to your field to see if they have a section in
which you can post your resume, because checking websites of specialty associations is
another tool in a recruiter’s arsenal; you can also see if there are jobs posted on the associ-
ation's websites. Click
here for a great list of professional associations, and scroll down the
page to find the list.

State Employment Service Offices
All states wants to encourage hiring, so they typically have a website on which you can post
your resume, and employers can search them for free; it’s a win-win for everyone. Click
to access the complete list of state employment offices.
Employment Agencies
Seek out an agency (or agencies) that services the type of job you’re looking for, and submit
your resume to them. Make sure you read my article about how best to work with agencies!

Your Alma Mater
Colleges offer the opportunity to submit your resume to them, even though you may not be
a recent grad. Recruiters will sometimes check there, especially when they’re looking for
candidates in a highly specialized field.
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