Strategy 3: Maintaining and Tracking Your Efforts

The person that posts a resume, looks for some jobs, then calls it a day will be left behind.
On the other hand, if you have grit and determination, you’ll be the one finding success--and
sooner. I can’t stress enough that it’s not only
what you do that counts (posting resumes and
looking for jobs), but
how well you do it; you will not get very far unless you maintain a consis-
tent and solid effort. If you’re unemployed, then looking for a job
is your job now, and you
should treat it as such. I suggest you set aside eight hours
each and every day, Monday
through Friday, to search for a new job. If you're currently employed but want to find a new
job, then the level of effort you put in will correspond to how soon you’re able to find that new

Note: It's critically important, as you look for new jobs, that you keep track of the
companies and jobs you find, as well as the various actions you've taken in the
application and interview process. To effectively keep track of all this information,
I've created a package that should absolutely be used as a key aspect of your job
search process. To learn more, click
here to learn about the “Job-Seeker’s Tool
Box”. Get it for free by simply signing up for my free newsletter.

Give good, consistent effort, and keep track of what you’ve done to greatly increase your
odds for success!
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