Success is a State of Mind

The Right Attitude
What many people don’t know or understand is that when a person’s state of mind is that of
pessimism, laziness, blame and negative attitudes, it’s their
choice to have such a state of
mind--unless, of course, a person suffers from mental illness. That same person can make a
conscious choice to
change their negative state of mind into a positive one, but only if their
desire for success is great enough. It’s also a person’s choice to be happy, or not.

Great Effort and Perseverance
The level of success and accomplishment that you find will be in direct proportion to your
level of effort, and how much you’re willing to persevere. If you’re anxious for a new job but
only exert a few hours of effort here and there, then the odds of your successfully finding that
new job and being hired will be very poor. You must have the perseverance to never quit; in
fact, one famous quote puts it well: “Never ever ever ever ever ever quit”.

Only when you’ve successfully attained your specific goal should you put that goal aside and
persevere toward the next one.
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A direction or specific strategy is absolutely necessary to
finding success. To use the well-known analogy, if you set out
in a boat--even if you have a powerful engine--it’ll do you no
good if you don’t have the ability to steer, or control the
direction in which you’re going. Great effort or not, without a
proper strategy you’ll move in a direction that doesn’t match up
with where you want to go.

In terms of hunting for a new job, you may be able to fool a
recruiter or hiring manager and get hired, but with time your
lack of skills or proper state of mind will expose itself, and you’ll
eventually find yourself in the position of once again having to
find a new job. Best you clean up your act now, be honest, and
change your state of mind, and the course of your career.
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