Thank You Notes
An unpleasant but important task

It's not something people typically enjoy doing, but sending a thank you note following a
phone or in-person interview can definitely make you standout from competitors. Yes, it's a
task that most people don't care for, but you should do it anyways. In fact, CareerBuilder
conducted a survey and learned that nearly 15% of hiring managers would eliminate a
candidate that didn’t send a thank you note following an interview, and an additional 30%
said their opinion is lowered of any candidate that doesn't send a thank you note. Less than
5% of candidates actually do send thank you notes, so this is just another way to set yourself
apart from all other people in the stack of resumes!

During a phone interview, whether it's a recruiter or a hiring manager or more than one
person, make sure you have everyone's first and last name, and before you conclude your
conversation, ask for their email and mailing addresses, When you’re at an in-person
interview, be sure to ask for a business card from everyone you meet with, and by all means,
send a thank you note to each and every person you interview with. If the recruiter has been
communicating with you via email then you can get by with sending a thank you note that
way, but mailing an actual thank you note is always preferred. If you're going to mail a thank
you note make sure you do it within 24 hours unless the timing is so critical that being
delayed by a couple days will result in their not receiving it before a decision is made; in that
case, be sure to send an email thank you note.

Hard Copy Thank You Notes
A set of thank you notes typically contains ten or twelve, plus matching envelopes. They
should be very simple, with nothing but ‘Thank You’ on the outside, and blank on the inside
where you'll write your note. Your note should absolutely be very neat and hand-written; it
should also be personalized to the person you spoke with or met with, and refer specifically
to your conversation or visit with that person. You can make the note short and concise. The
best possible choice in stamps is one with the U.S. flag, and it should be placed very neatly
on the envelope.

When addressing the person in a thank you note, be consistent with what has already been
established in your ‘relationship’ with the recruiter. For example, if you're on a first name
basis, stay consistent in addressing the thank you note; a more formal situation calls for a
‘Dear Mr.’ or ‘Dear Ms’.

Here are the general sections that should be
included in the thank you note:
  • Greeting
  • Thank you
  • Information specific to your conversation
  • Express your interest in moving forward
    (if you are in fact interested)
  • Closing

Here’s a sample thank you note:

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your time yesterday; I'm glad we were able to meet in person to continue
    our conversation about your Project Manager position, and the plant tour helped give
    me a solid idea of what my responsibilities would be. It was especially interesting to
    hear you describe the exciting new project underway in the residential security area,
    and how the PM will fit into the team. I’m now more interested than ever in joining your
    team, and believe my strong professional history in housing design for the GE Security
    Pro system makes me a strong fit for this role.

    I look forward to moving forward in this process, and invite you to contact me at any
    time. Thanks again for your time, Dave, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Bob Ardeson
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