Types of Recruiters

As you’re hunting for a job and have contact with a recruiter, it may be helpful to know just
what kind of recruiter it is you’re working with.

Corporate Recruiter
This recruiter is on the payroll of a company or corporation, and recruits for only that

Contract Recruiter
For all practical purposes, a contract recruiter is the same as a corporate recruiter, except
she's not on the payroll; instead, she's an independent contractor, and is paid on an hourly
basis for her time. The contractor usually works on-site at the corporation, and her assign-
ments will typically last several months to several years. Treat a contract recruiter with the
same respect as you would treat any other recruiter.

Agency Recruiter
A recruiter that works for an employment agency will usually have two roles:
  • Sales, to find new clients that want their recruiting services
  • Recruiting, to find the candidates qualified to fill their clients’ job openings

This type of recruiter will work with numerous clients at one time, trying to fill their job
openings. Fees for their services are paid by the client companies, not the candidates. Some
agency recruiters are able to build relationships with client companies, who may give job
openings exclusively to that agency to work on; for this and other reasons, this type of
recruiter can be a very valuable asset in your job search.

Independent Recruiter
This type of recruiter often works from a home office, and has the same responsibilities and
duties as an agency recruiter, but without someone else to answer to. Fees for their services
are paid by the client companies, not the candidates. Don’t dismiss this type of recruiter as
being less valuable to you. They could be highly skilled, and have a sizable list of clients with
whom they work, and like agency recruiters, they may be working on job openings that have
been given to them exclusively.
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