Your Knowledge of Their Company
Don't speak to them without that knowledge!

One question you may be asked during an interview is simply, “What do you know about our
company?” and you better have a good answer. It’s not good enough to simply say, “You’re a
manufacturer’, or “You make vacuum cleaners”. Instead, you should be knowledgeable about
their product lines and the company’s history, and have an idea of where all they're located.
The purpose of having this knowledge is not to spew endless information about them, rather
to show that you’ve done your homework, you’ve learned about the company, and you’re
serious about joining their team. As an example, if you were interviewing at Toro (
and you were asked what you know about their company, the absolute worst answer would
be, 'I don’t know’; in fact, that answer alone may be enough to get you eliminated from
consideration.    A weak answer would be, 'You make lawn mowers.' A solid answer would be,
'I was already quite familiar with Toro, but spent time on your website to learn more. I know
you’re an international manufacturer of lawn care equipment for residential, commercial and
golf courses, and that you also manufacture professional irrigation systems.'

You should know enough about the company that if a follow-up question were posed to you,
you could answer it well. And do a Google search to see if they’ve been in the news lately.
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