Your Performance During an Interview

If you’re applying for a job in which you’re doing physical labor in a warehouse or other such
similar position, then self confidence may not matter much. For virtually any other position,
however, and certainly for management and executive-level positions, the confidence you
convey is a critical factor in a successful interview.

One way you can increase your level of confidence is by being well-prepared for the inter-
view. The more you know about the company, the particular job you're applying for and how
your background matches what they’re looking for, the better you’ll do; you’ll also be able to
provide more thorough answers. Really, keep in mind that the competition is much tougher
these days and interviews are harder to come by, so when it does happen, spend the
necessary time to be prepared.

Just as your physical appearance will be judged, so will the condition of your resume. You
should always come prepared with several hard copies of your resume, and make sure
they’re in great condition. And speaking of your hard copy resume, they should be printed on
white or slightly off-white paper that’s a heavier weight than common copy paper. One of my
favorite papers is Classic Laid by Neenah, and the best color is Avon Brilliant White. It’s not
available at your local office supply store so you'd have to look for a paper supply house; if
you can afford a few extra dollars, it’s worth it for the beautiful and subtle texture.

If your resume is more than one page, never staple the pages together! You can fold the
resume neatly in thirds and slip it into a matching envelope, but make sure the folds are crisp
and square; in fact, once folded, take the edge of a pen or some other object to rub over the
folds to crease them nicely.

The resume should be carried in a portfolio--leather if possible--but at least in some type of
folder. Not only is the folder used for storing the resume, but it’s also where you’ll be taking
notes during your interview.

Let me share a story. A woman came into our office for a job and didn’t care what kind, she
just wanted a job. She had a tote with her the size of luggage, and when a recruiter asked for
her resume, she rummaged through her stuff until finally she pulled out a dirty, bent folder,
and from that she retrieved her dog-eared resume. Are you kidding me? This is how she was
presenting not only her resume, but herself? To me, the extreme level of sloppiness she
displayed was an indication of her lack of effort, and the level of sloppiness she’d bring to the
job. The recruiter spent a few minutes as a mere courtesy interview with her, and was glad to
see her walk out the door.
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