Your Value as an Employee

Much of your value as an employee has to do with the inner person, not just the actual work
experience and education. A person could be the most talented accountant or project
manager, but if they’re a jerk or undependable, their experience doesn't much matter
because they’re just not a good fit.

Fitting into an organization's ‘culture’ is a critical aspect of your value as an employee, and
part of what a good recruiter will consider. Are you dedicated, hard-working and loyal, or do
you spend time hanging out at the water cooler, talking about your date the night before, and
gossiping about people in the office? Do you speak poorly of your boss and those around
you? Your attitude is what drives everything you do, and it’s critical to your success wherever
you go.

How solid is your work ethic? Do you pitch in and give the effort needed to complete the
project at hand, or do you say it’s not your responsibility? Do you limit your activities to what’s
written in your job description, or are you willing to go above and beyond? Do you consider
yourself to be a partner with your employer, or do you look at them as the enemy? Are you
watching the clock, waiting for the moment when you can leave for the day?

Your value as an employee also takes into consideration your employment history. Are you a
job-hopper that finds an excuse every year or two to changes jobs? Do you blame your
former bosses or co-workers for your problems? Sounds like a bad apple to me, and not
someone a good recruiter would recommend to a hiring manager.

If this sounds like you, perhaps this would be a good time for you to spend some time on  
introspection to gain insight, to help you mature and grow, and to increase your value as an
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