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Each person participates in the job market with a unique set of circumstances, experience,
education and attitude, different from everyone else. This website has been assembled to
share helpful information from experienced recruiters to help job-seekers tackle their
struggles. Having said that, it's your responsibility to determine what information, products
or services from this website will be helpful in your particular situation,
how you'll use these offerings, and what impact they may or may
not have on your career search.

You ultimately are responsible for steering the course of your
own career search, and this website simply offers information
and services that I believe will be helpful to you. As such,
I cannot be responsible for the success of your career
search or lack thereof, as a result of your use (or not)
of the information and/or services offered here.

I've been helping people find great jobs and get hired since 1999, and it's my desire to
help you, too.

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