within a short period of time it literally cannot be found by recruiters--and it’s essential
to your success that you know why this happens. I'll teach you the very simple process
to bring your resume right back to the top of the pile. This simple trick is only known by
1 in 100 candidates, so it's a
great way to put yourself ahead of your competitors!

Article 2
How to Find More Jobs Online Than You'll Ever Find on Your Own!
As a job-seeker, it’s critical that you search the Internet on a very regular basis
for new jobs that have opened up and that match what you're looking for, but
there are literally
thousands of job boards out there, not to mention company
websites, news-papers, and other places where jobs are advertised. So how in
the world can you stay on top of them all? Where do you even begin? I'll share
with you how to conduct one simple search that will bring results back to you
from thousands of places! In fact, you'll get more quality results from this one
simple search than you'll
ever find on your own--and it's free!

Article 3
How to Effectively Prepare for Phone Interviews...So You Can Move to the
Next Stage!
Reviewing a resume is the first stage for a recruiter to determine if there’s a match
between an applicant and a particular job, and phone interviews are the typically the
second stage. O
nly those candidates that do
well in this round will be invited for an in-person
so obviously doing well in a phone
interview is essential to advancing to the next
stage--and the key to doing well is
Remember, each step along the way toward
successfully being hired is crucial, so treat a
phone interview as the critical step that it is!
I'll share with you how to be fully prepared for
a phone interview, and how to greatly increase
your odds of moving on to the next stage in the
hiring process.

Once you have the knowledge contained in these three articles, you'll absolutely
place yourself ahead of the vast majority of applicants--including those that are
directly against YOU.

Article 4
Get Notified When the Perfect Job Opens Up!
Want to know when job boards or companies have a new job opening that you
might be interested in? I'll teach you how to get free emails whenever such jobs
becomes available!
4 Important Articles for Free
Information every job-seeker should have!

Are you growing more and more frustrated with your job search, trying to figure out why you
haven't been hired yet? Would you like to know how to put yourself above your competitors?

I've written three powerful articles that are appropriate for
everyone looking for a job, regard-
less of what type of work you're looking for, or where you're at in your career. With this infor-
mation you'll learn very simple tricks that will allow you to put yourself above your competitors,
and increase your odds for success!
Here's what you'll get:

    Article 1
    The Most Critical Secret You’ll Ever
    Learn about Putting Your Resume on a
    Job Board!
    Do you have your resume posted to job
    boards such as Monster and CareerBuilder?
    If so, then perhaps you noticed there may
    have been some interest in your resume at
    first, but within a short period of time you no
    longer hear from employers. Truth is, your
    resume was dumped into their resume
    database with millions of other resumes, and
With these articles you'll learn how to:
  • Be the candidate whose resume is on top of all the big piles of millions of resumes!
  • Find more jobs than you can ever find on your own, and more than your competitors
    will find!
  • Be better prepared to speak with your potential future employer!
  • Be automatically notified when a new job opens up in your area, and that you might be
    interested in!
Click here to download these
four important articles.
Click here to download these
four important articles.
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