Posting Your Resume
You'll need to keep track of all the places where you posted
your resume in case you decide to make a change to it.
You'll also want to remove your resume from all those
places once you find a new job and get hired.

New jobs you've discovered and are interested in
Finding a job that's a potential match for you and your
abilities is like finding a nugget of gold; make sure you
don't lose track of it!
It's critical that you have a very organized method for keeping
track of all your actions. Knowing where you've been and
what you've done is essential to making sure important details don't get lost, and that you
always know what your status is in your job search efforts.

I've created a Job-Seeker's Tool Box that will allow you to keep track of all the necessary
information as you're looking for a new job. It's very simple to use, even for people with no
experience in spreadsheets. This comprehensive package will prove invaluable in your job
search, and it includes all the instructions you'll need for these essential organizers:
Job-Seeker's Tool Box

Does This Sound Like You?
  • You don't have a formalized plan for tracking your job search activities, or worse yet,
    you depend on your memory
  • There may have been jobs you really wanted to apply
    to but you either forgot about them, lost the necessary
    information, or applied too late due to your lack of org-
  • You've made changes to your resume and now don't
    know which version you've sent to which company
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What companies and jobs you've applied to
This critical information must be tracked so you can monitor where you are in the application
and interviewing process with each individual company that you've applied to. You'll also
need this information if you work with an outside recruiter because they'll need to know to
which companies you've submitted your resume, and the dates when that happened.  

This Comprehensive Package is Available in Two Forms:

  • Excel Spreadsheets
    You can download them right now and save them to your system. Instructions are
    included for all levels of Excel users, including beginners.
    Cost is $12.

  • Hard-Copy Version
    Many people prefer to use a hard copy system to stay organized in their job search
    process, so I've created a version that will be mailed to you. Pages are fully organized
    in a three-ring binder, with dividers to separate the sections. All instructions are
    included. Cost is $26 plus $10.95 for shipping, which is the actual cost for Priority
    Shipping by the U.S. Postal Service; the USPS says it should be delivered within two
    to three days. The shipping price stated is for shipping within the 48 contiguous
    states; please contact me at to learn about shipping
    rates elsewhere.

If you don't have a comprehensive way of keeping track of all your job-search activities, then
now is the time to step up to your A-game. Don't let someone else be hired for a job you
want just because you weren't organized well enough!
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