As a Senior Employment Recruiter, I've interviewed literally
thousands of people and read tens of thousands of resumes.
As a Professional Jobs Coach, I teach the inside secrets of
what recruiters are looking for, how recruiters
really work, and
critical strategies for finding a job, all from a recruiter’s perspec-
tive. Now
you can learn how it all works. For you to successfully
find a new job and get hired in this very tough economy, it’s
critical that you understand how recruiters decide who will be
eliminated from consideration, and who will move forward; you
must also know where jobs can be found. Now more than ever,
must be on your A-game in every aspect of your job
search, and
I can help you do that!
This private workshop is not for you if:
  • You're fully satisfied with your current job search, and the results you're getting
  • You already know how to effectively find jobs
There are dozens or hundreds of people
fighting for the same jobs as you're applying for.
must impress the recruiters!
Is your resume as strong as it can be? In what
ways could it be improved? Feel free to send me
your resume and I'll share my thoughts on how
you can make it stronger
What a recruiter is looking for in your resume,
and why it might be instantly thrown into the
"Thanks, but no thanks" pile. What red flags are
they looking for in
your resume?
My three-part strategy of how and where to find
Two free websites you absolutely
must use in
your job search!
How recruiters
really work, and the proper ways
to work with them
You submitted your resume to the job boards; so
why are you no longer getting results?
What recruiters look for when they judge you as
a candidate
How to get notified when new jobs open up that
you might be interested in
"The one who gets the job isn't
necessarily the best qualified, rather it's
the one who
knows the most about
how to get the job."

Richard Nelson Bolles
What Color is Your Parachute?
Are you frustrated because you don't know how to
effectively find jobs and get hired? Do you have a A
private one-on-one coaching session can teach you the
skills you need, preparing you to find
In this, the most difficult economy we've had in 70 years, here are the two most
important questions to ask yourself:
  • How long will it take you to find a new job and get hired?
  • How will you (and your family) be affected if it takes you a long time to get hired?
Topics of Conversation
Your time with me is open to discuss whatever you’d
like, but here are some important topics you may
want to consider:
How candidates get eliminated before a recruiter has even read through their resume
How to effectively prepare for a phone or in-person interview

Roxanne, thanks so much for the
time we spent on the phone talking
about my job search and my
resume. I really thought the reason
I wasn’t getting calls from
companies that I sent my resume to
was because of our bad economy
and all the competition out there for
jobs, but what I learned from you is
that those weren’t the only reasons
I didn’t hear from them. I now feel
so confident that I can find a job
that I’d be interested in, and
actually get hired.
Matthew Harding

Wow, Roxanne, you taught me so
much in my coaching workshop! I’m
so glad I chose to do this, because
now I feel like I actually know what I’
m doing. It was definitely worth the
cost and time to have this
conversation with you. Thanks
again, Roxanne.
Mandy Kocher

I’m so glad my friend Anna
I contact you and to participate in a
workshop with you. You really did
help me figure out how I’ve been
going wrong in trying to find a job!
Thanks Roxanne.
Mia Horn

Hi Roxanne, I fixed my resume after
the conversation we had so it no
longer contains red flags, and now
it’s exciting to actually get calls
back from recruiters! I thought my
resume was pretty good before, but
now with these simple changes, I’m
actually seeing results, and it’s
pretty exciting to know a new job
might now be right around the
corner. I’m so glad we talked!
Jill Folmer

Roxanne, I wanted to send this
quick note to say thanks. I
appreciate how understanding you
were of me and my employment
situation, and I feel the advice you
gave me was very sound, and will
allow me to successfully move
forward in finding a job. I think you
were truly able to pinpoint the
actual reasons I haven’t been
successful up to now, and I’m
looking forward to using that new
strategy we created. I also feel
confident that I’ll now be properly
prepared for interviews, and that
my resume won’t be put onto that
‘Thanks, but no thanks’ pile of
resumes you talk about. Thanks
again, Roxanne; this workshop was
well worth it!
John Poling
Private Coaching Session (by phone)
"People that use a
Professional Jobs Coach
are typically able to find
a job and get hired three
times faster than those
who don't."
A Private Coaching Workshop (by phone) may be the single most important action you
can take to increase your odds of finding a job, and successfully getting hired in this
tough economy.
PayPal will offer you six months
interest-free for any purchase
you make from me
over $99.
Does This Sound Like You?
Start Now!
Right now is the time for you to put aside your fears—even though they may be very
legitimate—and pull yourself up by your boot straps by taking this positive step forward to
find employment success. This is a tough economy, for sure, but
there are opportunities
out there
and I’ll help you find them!

OK, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!
What would it be worth to you to find jobs and actually get hired?
Get the Expert Help You Need!
Your career and your future are far too important to take chances on anything less!
Think about it. You can continue doing what you’ve been doing so far in your job search,
you’ll continue to get the same results you’ve been getting...or you can take this
giant leap forward to discover from an
experienced employment recruiter how to best find
jobs, how the employment industry
really works, and how to put yourself far ahead of your
How it Works
It’s really quite simple: we'll have a private one-on-one phone conversation on a day and time
that fits into your schedule. You can discuss any topic and ask any questions you’d like as
they relate to your job struggles, and where you’d like to go in your career. I'll share with you
the knowledge gained from my years as a senior-level recruiter, including inside information
about the employment industry. Whether you’re an entry level hourly worker or a C-level
executive, this workshop is sure to help you successfully find a new job and get hired!

You can schedule your Private Coaching Workshop during any of these time periods:
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday during the day
  • Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening

You'll learn secrets from inside the employment industry that I've gained over the years from
interviewing literally thousands of applicants, and reading tens of thousands of resumes. You
can take what you learn from me and put it to practical use immediately, and get an enormous
edge over your competition!
  • You feel lost because you don't know how to find a job.
  • You don't know why your method of looking for a new job isn't working.
  • You're frustrated that you submit your resume to jobs you're interested in, but don't get
    a call back.
  • You're not being asked for an interview, but
    other people are? Or, if you do make it to
    the first round of interviews, it stops there.
Think about it. If you continue doing the
same things in your job search, you'll
continue getting the same results.
Is it time to make a change?
By the way, if you know someone else that’s also looking
for a job, you can invite that person to join in on the
conversation to share the time with you, as well as the cost.
Investing in this Private one-on-one Coaching Workshop
is an investment in your career and your future, and it’s
just $130 for one and a half hours (90 minutes).
PayPal will offer you six months
interest-free for any purchase
you make from me
over $99.
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