Custom Professional Resume
Does your resume get thrown into the 'Thanks, but No Thanks' pile?

Does this sound like you?
  • Other applicants are getting more attention than you are;                 
    they're actually getting hired...and you're not!
  • You're frustrated that you submit your resume to jobs you're         
    qualified for, but don't get a call back
  • You feel overwhelmed or lost because you don't know how to create
    a professional resume
You may think the purpose of a resume is to get you a job--but that's not
The purpose of a resume is to catch a recruiter's attention, and to
get your foot in the door for an interview.
That's its only purpose, and it
can't be overstated how crucial it is to have an outstanding resume because
you have one chance--and one chance
only--to impress a recruiter!
Private Coaching Workshop (via phone)

Does This Sound Like You?
You've decided now is the time to step up to your A-game because you're
not being asked for an interview, but other people are. Or maybe you're
sometimes able to get to the first round of interviews, but it never goes
beyond that.
In this, the most difficult economy we've had in 70 years, here are the two
questions you should ask yourself:
  • How long will it take you to find a new job and actually get hired?
  • How will you (and your family?) be affected if it takes a long time to
    get hired?
A Private Coaching Workshop by phone may be the single most
strategy for you to get hired in this tough economy!
Job-Seeker's Tool Box
This important tool helps you keep track of all your job search
Does This Sound Like You?
  • You write down critical information on random scraps of paper or
    Post-It Notes...or worse yet, you depend on your memory
  • There may have been jobs you really wanted to apply to but you
    either forgot about them, lost the necessary information, or
    applied too late due to your lack of organization
  • You've made changes to your resume and now don't know which
    version you've sent to which company
  • You simply don't have a process for keeping track of critical
As you go through the process of searching for a new job, it's critical
that you have a very organized method for keeping track of all your
actions. Knowing where you've been and what you've done is essential
to making sure important details don't get lost, and that you always know
what your status is in your job search efforts. Also, if you work with
agency recruiters, they'll expect you to know the details of your activities!
4 Important Articles
Every job-seeker should have this information!

Are you growing more and more frustrated with your job search, trying
to figure out why you haven't been hired yet? Would you like to know
how to put yourself above your competitors?

I've written four powerful articles that are appropriate for
everyone look-
ing for a job, regardless of what type of work you're looking for, or
where you're at in your career. With this information you'll learn very
simple tricks that will help you find success!
All-Time Classic eBooks on Success

Perhaps you've heard of these all-time best-selling classics on success.
They were written a number of decades ago, but the philosophies they
contain are so relevant that successful people around the world still
consider them to be
must-read books to this day. In fact go to any
bookstore today, and you'll still find them on the shelf! These eBooks
are the
complete version of the classics, and you can download them
right now and save them to your computer.
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
This motivational book is ranked
right now on
BusinessWeek's Best Seller List as the #11
best-selling business paperback, even after all
these years, and book stores have it on their
shelves right now. The reason its message is
still so relevant is the core philosophy that a
person's state of mind is the key to one's
ability to achieve wealth, and that with the right
state of mind a person can find success in
almost anything desired. This book is also on
John C. Maxwell's Lifetime
"Must Read" List.
How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
This book is as important today as it ever was.
It shares many important philosophies,
  • Getting out of a mental rut to gain new
    thoughts and ambitions
  • How to make friends, and increase your
  • Increasing your influence with others,
    and your ability to get things done
  • Making your interactions with others
    smoother by learning how to effectively
    avoid arguments and handle complaints
  • How to become a better
    conversationalist, as well as a better
How to Win Friends
and Influence People
Think and Grow Rich
Excel spreadsheet version
(instant download)
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Combination Package
  • Private Coaching Workshop (via phone)

Tackle all your employment and job-searching challenges head-on!
Get both and save $25!
$295 total
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Get both classic eBooks and save!
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$2.65 Total
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • Think and Grow Rich
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