Are you struggling to find a job? Our tough economy is not working in
your favor.

Let me share what it used to be like looking for a job, and where we’ve come from as an
economy. Back in 1999 and especially 2000, there was a standing joke we’d use in the
recruiting world. We’d say that, as you’re interviewing a candidate, just reach across the
desk and feel for a pulse; if you could feel it, they were hired. The unemployment rate
was so low that it was definitely a job-seeker’s market, and employers oftentimes had to
settle for whatever candidate they could get to walk through the door. Clearly, times have
changed. The reality is, we’re now in an excruciating economy, with literally tens of
thousands of people losing their jobs each week. Families are desperate just to survive--
with many not making it--and foreclosures are at an all-time high. Today, for a single job
opening, there can be literally hundreds of applicants. If you’re one of the unfortunate
individuals that finds yourself in need of a new job, sit tight and hold on, because the
odds are very long, and these are unprecedented times.
The one who gets the job isn't necessarily
the best qualified, rather it's the one who
knows the most about how to get the job.

Richard Nelson Bolles
What Color is Your Parachute?
Really, it’s not my intention to share doom
and gloom, and to say the sky’s falling. Not
at all. But I'm here to tell you the
truth. The
truth is, the economy is tough, and you must
work harder to land a new job. The good
news is, it
can be done, and there are ways
you can tremendously increase your odds
for success. If you’re willing to be diligent and
exert good effort, you’ll absolutely place
yourself above many of the other applicants--
but you must have the know-how.
The competition for jobs today is tougher than it's been in 70 years, and you must know
how to compete effectively!

Tackling This Tough Economy
I've spent a good number of years as an employment recruiter, working in the trenches
to find talented candidates, and during that time I’ve literally interviewed thousands of
people and read tens of thousands of resumes. It’s very common for people to ask me
for advice and guidance on how to mount an effective campaign to find a job; of course,
I hear those questions much more often now in this very tough economy, and it’s when I
listen to the questions and concerns of job-seekers that I realize how far off the mark
they are. Of course it's certainly understandable that most people wouldn't know how it
works, behind the scenes in the employment industry; after all, if they've never been a
recruiter, how could they know?
Are you looking for a new job right now? It should
be no surprise if you're struggling with your job
search, because odds are you don't know how
recruiters and the employment industry
work, behind the scenes. And just as important,
you probably don't know the best ways to
find the
"Now more than ever, the winning effort,
develop a strong strategy, and understand

the recruiting system works."
If you want to successfully find a new job—and actually get hired—you must have the
proper knowledge and an effective strategy so you can beat your competitors!  You
now have an opportunity to do that because I can teach you how!

OK, let's get started! Take your time, make yourself at home, and browse through the
information I've provided here--and let me know how I can be of help.

Roxanne Williams
Sr. Contract Corporate Recruiter
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